Mott’s Channel Sprint starts at the Blockade Runner Resort, located on Wrightsville Beach, and finishes across the intracoastal at the Dockside Restaurant on Airlie Road.  The course is approximately 1.3 miles long and is a point to point swim.  The race will start at a high tide (based off of the Masonboro  Inlet tide chart) to try and ensure a slight incoming to slack tide throughout the 1.3 mile swim.  At the start swimmers will cross Banks Channel and enter Mott’s Channel (that stretch is about .25 mile) where they will swim past/around South Harbor Island, past Seapath Towers (about .55 mile), past Atlantic Marine, past Marine Max, cross over the ICW, and finally finishing at the Dockside Restaurant (about  .55 miles).


This is a great swim that starts with a straight path across Bank’s Channel into Mott’s Channel where you’ll want to stay about 15-20ft off the docks and pilings; take a slight right along South Harbor Island; cut across the channel to the marsh where again you’ll want to stay about 10-15ft off the marsh; follow the marsh through the channel until you see Dockside in your view and then cut straight to the finish.


The race course is a point-to-point 1.3 mile swim.  The start will be at the Blockade Runner Resort on the intracoastal beach side.  The finish will be on the docks at the Dockside Restaurant.  The swim course will be clearly marked with buoys, kayakers, stand up paddle boarders, USCG, and personal boats.  Waves or mass start will be determined closer to race date and will be based on the number of race entrants and weather conditions.  Expected water temperature is between 68-75°F, with possible chop due to wind and there is always the presence of marine life.

September 23, 2018